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Boutique Hotel in Downtown Jim Thorpe

City & Culture


City & Culture

Jim Thorpe is a historic town with incredible charm. Mixing with the town’s inherent quaintness is the diverse community responsible for it’s renowned dining, music halls, opera house, art galleries, and artisan shopping. There are fewer places in the Poconos that boast the same lively crowd week after week as Jim Thorpe.

In addition to everything the town has to offer, being in the heart of the Poconos offers a completely different experience each time you visit! Located close to the Lehigh River, you have access to hiking and bike trails along the river, white water rafting and kayaking, skiing and snowboarding at one of the three local mountain resorts, and enjoying the natural wonders of Pennsylvania.


Fine dining

With so many diverse restaurants, and new hot spots opening all the time, you don’t have to look far to satisfy your cravings.


Mixology & Bars

Nightlife may not be what you think, when looking into a quaint town. Boy, are you wrong! With bars popping up on most street corners, lounges featuring speakeasy access and absinthe menus, however you like to unwind, there is a place for you to imbibe and let loose.


Art & Music

Jim Thorpe is a thriving community of artists and musicians. From art galleries, to music festivals and shows, there is something to feed your creative soul, right here in the Poconos.



You can’t talk about Jim Thorpe without hearing about tales of days gone by. As happening as Jim Thorpe is today, it was historically, as well! From tales of the Molly Maguires and their fateful end at the Old Jailhouse, to Asa Packer building his mansion as one of the country's few millionaires, to Harry Packer’s mansion being the inspiration for Walt Disney’s “Haunted Mansion Ride” in Disney World, and ending with the world’s first roller coaster; You will not be dozing during this history lesson!