Kelly Suites on Broadway
Boutique Hotel in Downtown Jim Thorpe




We’ve curated our hotel to give you the most comfortable stay outside your own home. We are artisans at heart, we know the value of quality products and how you feel when using them. Allow us to elevate your standard of hotel amenities.


snacks & treats

While we are not a full service bed & breakfast, we know how it feels when you wake up with a hankering for something sweet. To accommodate your early morning, or late night, cravings, we provide light breakfast pastries, granola bars, dessert cookies, and juices in your suite upon check-in. Enjoy at your leisure without fear of getting a mini-bar bill at the end of your visit with us.



If we wouldn’t shampoo our hair and wash our bodies with a particular cleanser, why should you be subject to it in our hotel? We’ve tried and tested all the toiletries to ensure you’re getting in on some good clean fun when showering in our hotel. We chose esa Accent Amenities because of their ethical production, eco-friendly packaging and clean ingredient list. Feel confident you are using products that benefit you and the environment.

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Boutique Discount

The first floor of the hotel is occupied with holistic wellness boutique, Habitual. Specializing in herbal remedies, handmade skin care, loose leaf tea and herbal blends, and unique gifts. Guests of the hotel enjoy a special discount of 15% for their purchases of Habitual products. Custom blends available for all teas, balms, and scent products.


on site parking & storage

Kelly Suites has three dedicated parking spots, one spot per reservation, at the rear of the hotel to accommodate our guests and provide them safe parking close to where they’re staying. Additionally, we offer storage for your bikes, kayaks, fishing gear, or snow gear. We are located in the Poconos and that gives you access to everything nature has to offer. Whatever your outdoor adventure includes, feel free to bring your gear. We’ll make sure it’s stored safely and ready for you to enjoy. Please see linked map to ensure you locate the correct parking.